The Ever-Present Peril Of Wind Chimes



This comment was just too good to leave as a comment. Here is the dilemma surrounding the peril of wind chimes.

You’ve got the floor, The Voter:

How many chimes does it take to have chimed for too many wind chimes to chime?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind; the answer is blowing in the wind.

I am dying to know how many wind-chime complaints the city gets each year. How many granola-munching, Birkenstock-wearing Ottawa residents are so inconsiderate of the sensibilities of their neighbours that they would allow their wind chimes to chime so loudly and persistently that the poor victims had no other recourse than to call in bylaw to control this scourge?

Video above: Maverick wind chimes.

Does the bylaw officer have to hear a sustained cacophony of chiming at an elevated noise level or is one raucous burst of chiming enough? Can the chime owner present as a defence the fact that the actual generator of the chiming is not them but the wind? Does climate change bear any responsibility for these offences? What about El Nino?

Does the bylaw officer ever think that he or she may as well try and catch the wind?



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5 thoughts on “The Ever-Present Peril Of Wind Chimes

  1. The bird that flew past made more noise than these wind chimes.

    My wife has 14 wind chimes hanging outside our house. I hope that they aren’t annoying anyone in Ottawa. (I had to look up Birkenstock to see what that meant, she however doesn’t wear sandals)

    I think that this wind chime issue is escalating and must be stopped dead in its tracks.

    Nice quiet dog though.

    To the Voter, you have written lyrics that can be sung at the demonstrations. I’ll try my hand at a tongue twister (maybe it could be used as a chant):

    How many chimes would a chime-maker chime if a chime-maker could chime chimes.

    Come on citizens, get out there and show your support for The Wind Chime Bylaw.

    I wonder how much noise robots make?

    Chaz :)

  2. This dilemma resonates of someone who reports to work at Laurier Avenue looking for a problem to solve, likely one involving a Birkenstock wearing granola eater who lives next door.

  3. Chaz,

    I can’t take credit for the lyrics – they are just an adaptation of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ and a line from the chorus of Donovan’s ‘Catch the Wind’. I wonder if the dog in the video is being calmed by the wind chimes? Is that bird being incited by the wind chimes?
    The more I think of it, the more I am persuaded that we need a longitudinal study of wind chime violations of the noise bylaw. Do other cities have this pernicious problem or is it only an Ottawa issue? Is it restricted to particular neighbourhoods (the Glebe? Alta Vista? Sandy Hill?) or is it spread out across the city? There must be someone out there searching for an important topic for their PhD research …

  4. While working in the garden one summer my neighbours wind chimes began to drive me crazy. I put up with it for several weeks and finally I asked In a quiet way if he would please remove them. He had no idea they were causing such annoyance and he quickly removed them. So to make a point, not everybody likes wind chimes. Or maybe just like some for 10 or 15 minutes but not all blessed day.

    1. Robert roberts,

      Exactly. Also your first action should be to speak with your neighbour, as you did. A large majority of calls to bylaw come for small issues like this that people could resolve on their own.


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