The Fix Is In On High-Rise Report: Reader


The Voter nails another good point right on the head:

And what would be the reason that this report is going directly to Ottawa City Council instead of the normal route through a public meeting at planning committee? That gives the opportunity for the public to speak to it and requires public notice of the item?

Note the word repeated three times in my preferred option – PUBLIC.


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4 thoughts on “The Fix Is In On High-Rise Report: Reader

  1. Simple …
    It is going directly to council as the opinion of the public does not matter and has never mattered with this crew.
    If you let the taxpayers know in advance, you will receive input … heaven forbid that.
    I am sick of all of this.

  2. I will be sending an email message to my councillor asking him to note at the meeting on May 23rd that he ask council to hold off on further discussion until the public has had an opportunity to attend the public meeting they are entitled to. I suggest that all readers of the Bulldog do the same.


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