The Fix Is In On Kanata Light Rail


Frequent Bulldog contributor Anne Marie points out the huge problem with the City of Ottawa’s public consultation process. We’ve all seen it before:

This city “wants public input” yet the municipality has already decided what it likes best for the Kanata light-rail route. In other words, don’t bother wasting your time giving an opinion. The decision has already been made.

Next we have the fact that this only has a remote, very remote, possibility of starting in 2023. At least six years down the road and any opinion on the suggested routes has to be made by June 23 at the latest.

What’s the rush?


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4 thoughts on “The Fix Is In On Kanata Light Rail

  1. The rush might be that 2018 is acomin’.
    Another item to add to one’s resume ?
    Whether running for office or running to catch the bus on your way to your next job/appointment, one can now say – Hey, look at me, I also started the Kanata line.

  2. I find it curious that the city is limiting its view of where to extend the westen end of LRT to what is today somewhere near the geographic centre of Kanata/Stittsville. With construction slated for some time beyond the middle of the next decade, and more likely 2030, shouldn’t they be working on a plan to take it to what is now the western edge of the Kanata/Sittsville area? In a decade from now, the intersection of highways 417 and 7 is the more likely centre of that western exurb. Of course, I am the naive sort who thinks planners should lead, rather than react.

    1. As I posted on another website, it is required by legislation and policy, even though it may seem a waste of time.


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