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3 thoughts on “The Friday Night Massacre: Forum Topic

  1. Ken. Your article is observant, compelling and I’m sure everyone who has read it agrees (I certainly do). So, how do we resolve this problem?
    Anyone have any ideas? I guess we, as voters, could request that a clause be added to the 5-inch thick (guessing here) rule book but that only feeds the bureaucracy that we all want to streamline.

  2. Some do care but others care only about themselves. Getting rid of them is a priority this October. But it’s difficult to determine the altruists from the wanna bees by just listening to them talk. City hall is really a customer service organization and those at Laurier Avenue who feel they have power are kidding themselves. This is why Jim Watson has so much time to visit bake sales and pose for pictures in silly garb (a cowboy hat comes immediately to mind). Power rests at the top with the feds and, to a lesser degree, within the province.
    Doug Thompson was successful in Osgoode Township, later Osgoode ward, because he realized his primary function was to serve his constituents. He wasn’t always popular with whoever was mayor at the time, but he listened to his residents and voted in council (mostly) according to their wishes.
    Ten years or so ago some votes on issues at city hall were close and our representatives had to work hard to lobby to sway other members of council to side with them. That doesn’t happen anymore because Jim Watson rules the city with an iron fist which is too bad because he’s not an expert in all areas and his micromanaging has set the city back decades.
    Anyway, back to your original point regarding press releases, one solution would be to put a hold on all releases after Friday at noon until Monday morning.


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