The Ghost Of Katherine Hobbs Haunts Us Still


If you ever doubted the loyalty of Councillor Mathieu Fleury to Mayor Jim Watson, read on. You were wrong.

The municipal representative of Rideau-Vanier ward and designated city council lifeguard came out absolutely behind the wonky redesign of the Chateau Laurier first thing Friday morning.

“It is an exciting project that introduces captivating architectural design to this important site for our capital city while highlighting its important heritage value and location near the Parliament Buildings, Major’s Hill Park as well as the ByWard Market.”


Somehow Fleury became disconnected from the Borg council collective that mimics the words of chief Borg Watson.

It appears Fleury has not completely assimilated. Perhaps he is the Seven of Nine of the council collective.

Seven of Nine
Seven of Nine


While Fleury was singing the praises of the dramatic new Chateau, Watson was tweeting that the design had to go back to the drawing board. Oops.

In a flash, Fleury was rewired back into the Borg and went onto 1310 News.

Guess what he said? It’s time for the design to go back to the drawing board. Whadda ya know.

It’s either the Borg collective re-asserting itself in Fleury or he is channelling former Watson doobie and ex-councillor Katherine Hobbs.

Hobbs: she haunts us still.

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6 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Katherine Hobbs Haunts Us Still

  1. That is a heck of a quick flip-flop.
    That can’t even be called changing your mind.
    In the words of the Borg Queen, “Resistance is futile, you are assimilated and the collective’s line is : it’s back to the drawing board – period.”

    Sounds like somebody got a spanking from the head of the Borg.

  2. More proof that the “Councillors” of Ottawa can not think for themselves and hence do not represent the citizens of the city

  3. Councillor Mathieu Fleury was caught in the backlash so he came up with a bizarre cover story. The actual excuse he gave was that he had never written such a review before, and therefore his writing inexperience led him astray. If that wasn’t enough of a stretch, Fleury then went on to say that he should have done public consultations first before writing his personal opinion on the subject.

    At least when Katherine Hobbs had an opinion, she owned it. She was usually careful to play along with Mayor Jim Watson, but when she would have ideas of her own, at least she stuck to her guns. For example, she wanted the city to pay for 100 per-cent of the brownfield clean ups. Watson rejected this notion and kept the soil remediation cost at 50 per-cent. Nonetheless, Hobbs wasn’t going around saying “mea culpa” to Watson. Although Hobbs was a good supporter of Watson’s agenda, she still wanted her profile to stand out; she liked the photo-ops and bake sales as much as Watson. However, she was not Watson’s anointed one. Indeed, during the 2014 election campaign, Watson campaigned hard to get Fleury re-elected, while paying Hobbs little attention.

    And Fleury’s attempt to cover this up, with the promise to accept public input, rings so hollow. Indeed, the truck tunnel which will go through his ward is a multi-billion dollar project, and yet: where was his public consultation on that issue? The residents of Sandy Hill raised no questions whatsoever for him to pose at council?

    Watch out what you wish for Ken, because I have a feeling that Katherine is just waiting for Watson to retire so that she can launch her bid for mayor.


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