The Gun Violence Epidemic



Another day, another mass shooting in the U.S. This time in Cincinnati with one dead and 15 wounded.

Were shootings a disease, the U.S. government would be all over this horrible outbreak of violence. Americans are among the most generous and giving people in the world but somehow they can’t get their heads around this.

If Obama couldn’t get even a modicum of gun control, Donald Trump won’t even think of it. More children and adults will be killed.

How bad is gun violence? Just check out this chart. You won’t believe it.



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7 thoughts on “The Gun Violence Epidemic

  1. This problem has not just developed. It has been festering and growing for years and it is NOT the result of lacking “universal health care”.
    Much of the population appears to feel that its only defence is to have a offensive weapon.
    There are those of us that do not believe that. However, how do you change the mindset? That is a major challenge.
    You do not know of the shootings and incidents that are not reported.

  2. Meanwhile thousands of people are dying in car accidents each year with hundreds of thousand wounded, some permanently, each year. This is equally insane. We have built a mass transit system based on the automobile. Crazy about cars, crazy about guns.

    1. The difference being that few people engage with a car with the intention of killing someone – one exception, of course, is the Westminster Bridge incident this week and others like it – while the purpose of picking up a gun is usually to shoot it at someone or something, causing harm to that person or thing. The vast majority of people using a car see it as a means of transportation, not a murder weapon.
      Those injured or killed in vehicle collisions can’t and shouldn’t be measured in relation to the victims of shootings. You’re comparing apples and walnuts.


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