The Hospital’s Lousy Bedside Manner

Yes, Ottawa understands the Ottawa Hospital and the federal government are most likely to make the final decision on the location for the Civic campus.

That said, hospital officials didn’t have to rub that fact in the faces of people who attended a public consultation on the issue. They know that.

Even the City of Ottawa, appalling at consulting the public, would not say that. Instead civic officials would listen politely to the public and then do what they damn well please. But at least the pesky public consultation is out of the way.

People want to be heard and their ideas considered. The public’s ideas might be appalling but hospital officials should politely listen. And who knows, maybe someone will have a great idea. Every now and then a mushroom grows on a compost heap.

The hospital’s attitude is like that of a doctor who says he or she knows best for their patient. And they do. But it is the patient’s body so better to make the patient feel like it is their decision. That works.

And it works in public consultations, too.

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3 thoughts on “The Hospital’s Lousy Bedside Manner

  1. So, our choices appear to be being lied to by elected officials and staff members, when they say that they value our ideas and that they have not come to a decision as yet, versus being told that our input is not valued at all.

    I prefer the latter. At least it is consistent with the objectives of the “truth in advertising” regulations.


  2. One of the problems about the discussion on rebuilding or replacing the Civic Hospital is that the hospital board seems to start from the assumption that land is free. This idea that an infinite amount of urban land will be provided at no cost, leads to the strange description of the hospital of the future provided at the public information session on Monday night.
    The new hospital was described at various times as an essential trauma-response centre in the heart of the city and a wellness hub surrounded by parkland.
    If we want a wellness hub with beautiful parkland maybe it need not be in the centre of the city — maybe Burritts Rapids would be a good location. If we want to respond to trauma (such as our now daily examples of gunshot wounds) a location in the middle of our population is required.
    It is unclear to me why rebuilding on the present 23 acre site is a “no-brainer”. It is not certain why a hospital needs 60 acres of footprint. In fact my own experience in such a spread-out hospital (Credit Valley in Mississauga) walking, walking, walking with my elderly mother, indicated that building a hospital like an airport terminal is a very bad idea.
    Just east along Carling Avenue from the Civic Hospital, two 45-storey plus apartment buildings are to rise. This suggests that somebody thinks land in downtown Ottawa has value. Maybe the folk on the hospital board ought to consider land value in their plans.


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