The Mayor As Hypocrite On Confederation Park


A number of people on Twitter were concerned about Mayor Jim Watson’s twisting of the new central library site issue and the proposal by some to put the library on Confederation Park:



The hypocritical thing about all this is we have Watson trying to defend a “precious” piece of greenspace called Confederation Park. That’s a worthy enough position that your agent would support and I’m sure many others would as well.

But this from the mouth of a mayor who called a large swath of the precious Macdonald Parkway greenspace “scrubland” when he wanted to drive light-rail down it.

And this is the mayor who did absolutely nothing to save the 19th-century garden and the very old trees at Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent which is now a parking lot and the heritage convent site which is lying fallow behind two condos facing Richmond Road and which the developer Ashcroft says is proving to be very difficult to renovate. I think we know where this ends.

The citizenry is beginning to catch on that Watson will say anything as long as it is popular. He doesn’t care if it conflicts with something he said previously because no one checks to see what his position was before.

However if this series of tweets is a sign, the residents of Ottawa are starting to catch on.

On the subject of catching on, did no one notice Watson’s 78-per-cent approval rating in a recent poll? Nobody gets a 78-per-cent approval rating. U.S. presidents at the height of their popularity never ever get that high. So something is going on there.

Just like no mayor has 22 times the number of Twitter followers as his top Twitter councillor. Or someone in a Citizen letter wants to appoint him “mayor for life.” Come on.

Catch the drift here? What does this say about Watson’s character? Good Old Uncle Jim.

There’s another side of Uncle Jim.



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8 thoughts on “The Mayor As Hypocrite On Confederation Park

  1. There was all the hypocrisy mentioned. While the LRT downtown is not green space, Watson has no problem ripping up the whole city for his pet project.
    What really jumped out was his attitude in saying ‘downtown green space will not be touched’, i.e. the king has spoken and that ends the matter.

  2. The proposed central library is a poor concept, for the reasons discussed at length on The Bulldog.

    The planning process to date has been executed poorly, with a limited property search ending with the proposed site being not central (I realize that no one at 100 Laurier worries about the actual meaning of words – open, transparent and accountable being prime examples), several hundred metres away from the nearest LRT station, and in a geographic setting that will make it difficult for the mobility-challenged to access. Now, factor in poor PR by His Worship.

    I suggest that the current result of the equation is “poor cubed”, with the prospect of continued exponential deterioration, but don’t worry, it is only a $168 million project, which doesn’t sound like much if you say it fast.

  3. Seeing this really does make me question the whole project…

    I’ve argued against The Bulldog on here about the need for a physical library, but I’m beginning to wonder if we are in fact building an old-school library just for the sake of having built a library.

    The site selection seems so poorly thought out that it makes me think the project as a whole will be equally ill-conceived. Sad.

  4. Having now forgotten why we need a new downtown library, Googled and am now wondering what a mess this is before it is even approved. Does this happen so regularly in other cities or is it mainly an Ottawa problem?

  5. On many occasions, I have made my feelings about a new library abundantly clear and thus, I will not repeat those thoughts again. As for the mayor’s communications on this, I am disgusted. Mayor Jim Watson is at it again.

    Those who feel the ‘chosen site’ is not ideal have NOT stated they wanted it at Confederation Park. The mayor has come out with that interpretation. I have listened to many interviews and read many articles and what is wanted is fair consideration to all location proposals, something that has been lacking from the get-go.

    Once again, the high and mighty speak and everyone is supposed to accept what is said as a directive from the all mighty. Not going to happen. At least listen to and review all suggestions regarding this massive expense.

    Anne Marie

    1. Confederation Park is being used by the mayor as a diversionary tactic. By pretending it’s an issue and keeping people busy debating that location, he keeps the other debate points off the table. It’s a version of the “Look! Shiny!” diversion.


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