The Mayor Is Kinda Perfect: Quotable


Mayor Jim Watson’s plans are perfect and nothing can change and if you suggest something should, there’s something wrong with you. Any tradeoff you might suggest is absurd. Maybe you’ll get the money from your friends, the leprechauns.

“Until suddenly the plan changes.”

David Reevely in the Citizen

It sure took awhile for Mayor Jim Watson to discover that it is a bad idea to offend religion, children and seniors.

The city recently revealed that it jigged the second phase of light-rail so it doesn’t disturb the good people of the Unitarian Church and their senior- and youngster-care facilities.

Previously Watson had said there was no way the rail tunnel could be moved from the Unitarian facilities.

But then seniors tend to vote, voters don’t like to see youngsters and seniors be kicked around and religion is a tricky thing with which to play.

And now you see how policy formation occurs at the City of Ottawa, when municipal officials listen at all.

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2 thoughts on “The Mayor Is Kinda Perfect: Quotable

  1. It is encouraging to see the Ottawa Citizen start to challenge the status quo at Laurier Avenue. Over half a decade past due mind you, but when donkeys fly, one should not critique them for style.


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