The Mayor’s Bet, Again: Quotable





“There was a photo-op the other day of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson offering up Golden Palace egg rolls to New York if the Rangers win the series.

In return, Big Apple Mayor Bill DeBlasio is putting New York City bagels on the table. Sure, both taste great, but ho-hum. It doesn’t really catch your attention. If you want to make a serious wager, put some meat on the bet. How about putting the Central Experimental Farm on the line, for say, Central Park?”

Ken Warren, Ottawa Citizen


This stop-the-mayor’s-sports-bet movement is really catching on.

Time for some original material, Your Worship, if you can think of any.

Video above: Please Jim Watson … no more … please.

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3 thoughts on “The Mayor’s Bet, Again: Quotable

  1. Gotta ask – what role are the eggs playing?? It’s egg rolls, not egg roles. Cutbacks over at the paper?
    I guess Jim’s never been to Chinatown in New York – talk about sending coals to Newcastle.

  2. Doing a little borrowing from some guy that wrote a bunch of stuff:

    All the world is a stage and all the men, women and eggs are merely playing a role.

    Unfortunately, too many pols spend too much time merely playing around. Playing around with selfies, playing around with business lunches, playing a round of golf with their backers and lobbyists.


  3. Experimental Farm for Central Park — while Mayors might think they own them, these are public property and owned by we (the voters)!


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