The Most Lizard-Busting Undocumented Ottawa 2017 Moment


A wag at Ottawa City Hall has been telling a story that has been travelling like wildfire and has a bit of meaning to it as well.

The giant motorized lizard from which comes the name of the show Lizardpalooza (or in some circles known as La Machine, part of Ottawa 2017) was quite a draw.

Teams of city hall attendance counters, who have been conjuring undocumented enormous crowds in the millions for Ottawa 2017, have found the most amazing undocumented estimate of all of the 150th Canada festival.

Yes … the Lizardpalooza lizard for one day got more photographs taken of it than Mayor Jim Watson on the same day.

That’s a ground-breaking undocumented figure that dwarfs all the other undocumented Ottawa 2017 figures in your agent’s undocumented estimation.

Forget the undocumented real-or-imagined 700,000 people at Lizardpalooza, the undocumented lizard photo estimate is a miracle.

His Worship is ashamed. Watson will never have that big bug back again.

Apparently Watson has asked his undocumented official photo counters for an undocumented recount.

We breathlessly await the outcome.


Video above: The Lizardpalooza lizard takes a great photo.

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4 thoughts on “The Most Lizard-Busting Undocumented Ottawa 2017 Moment

  1. Thank you Ken,
    I saw the wings go up, the wings come down, the fire and smoke. First 3 minutes were kinda cute but the spider was pretty lame. Watched the whole thing , although it got pretty boring after the first couple of minutes.

    What the heck it had to do with Canada or with Canada’s 150th birthday escapes me.

    Maybe they could have left the robots in place when the show finished. They could have put up a plaque, hung a Canadian flag and made up an historical story about the founding of Bytown by heroic dragon riders. That would have, at least, left a legacy to where the money went.

    On a scale of 1 to 10:
    – first 3 minutes get a 10
    – last 14 minutes get < 1
    – overall show gets a 3 and a bah-humbug


  2. Any idea how much the lizards cost the city? I heard upwards of $7M, but I’m not sure and haven’t seen mentioned in media.

    Many people seemed to love the event, and really enjoyed taking to the streets.

    What I wonder is what else could have been done with the same budget to mark a special occasion?


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