The Newport Saves The Bulldog



The Bulldog is back in its normal digs after quite an emergency last week.

Your agent noticed that his Internet provider had been down for some considerable time. Calls to the company yielded no answers.

So your agent departed from the west end to the east-end location of the provider to discover a note on the door citing owed money and the place was closed. Locked up. Gone. Heels and back. Dust.

Bulldog editor Ken Gray departing the temporary home of his publication.

So here it is. Your agent is stuck in Queensway rush-hour traffic wondering how he is to publish this Internet publication with no Internet. Coffee shops are likely to grow tired of you over a few hours.

A quick phone call to Newport owner Moe Atallah solved the problem. Atallah, a great friend and Ottawa’s nicest man (I have no idea why he puts up with me), said use his Internet at the restaurant. Thank goodness.

So there was your agent in the back corner of the Newport producing The Bulldog in the midst of the hub-bub in one of the city’s major eateries and Elvis picture central. Bulldog World Headquarters had moved to Moe’s World Famous Newport, home of the World Famous Elvis Sighting Society. Talk about globalism. The stay lasted about a week until another local firm could get The Bulldog an Internet connection at the bunker.

Many thanks to all our commenters who showed great patience with the long delays getting their missives published.

And of course, a big thank you to Moe and his wonderful staff who put up with me for a week. Tell me Your Worship … could you put up with me for a week? By the way, I recommend the chicken pizza. Moe saves me again.

Anyway things are back to normal at the Bulldog bunker and comments should be published much faster than during the past week.

Enjoy. Emergency over.


Top photo: Bulldog editor Ken Gray working diligently on his publication and trying make Ottawa safe for democracy.

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7 thoughts on “The Newport Saves The Bulldog

  1. Moe has sustained the life of this community for many years in so many different ways, some of them under the radar and completely unheralded. Great to see he’s come through again for you and for all of us.

    1. The Voter:

      There are people portrayed in the media as caring. Sometimes they’re not.

      Moe and Donna are the real thing.



  2. Moe is a godsend not only to The Bulldog but to countless people in our community. Canada Day is a perfect opportunity to thank Moe and many others for having selected Canada and Ottawa in particular as their home and the invaluable contributions made. Thank you Moe (and Donna) for giving so much to our community…..and helping Ken.

  3. Ken,

    Sounds like you had a hair raising experience. Sounds like you friend is a bit of a saint.

    I do have one question. How many inches did your waste size increase? While you were working with your words and Elvis, just how much of your friend’s eatery did you eat? ( guess that’s two questions :) )



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