The Noose Tightens On Trump



If you’re interested in a detailed look at how special counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on the escapades surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump, check out this story featured in Bulldog Politics.

The resources and strategy Mueller is employing are fascinating. The special counsel has some of the best people in the U.S. looking at very specific fields of investigation. It’s like an all-star team of law enforcement. And now there is a grand jury in the District of Columbia for quick access by the Mueller team.

Anyway this Guardian piece is a great read. Enjoy.

It’s part of the extensive coverage of the Trump controversy on our new website Bulldog Politics. Check it out. It’s worth a read.

And don’t miss Trump’s Tweets, the controversial Twitter feed of the U.S. president on Bulldog Politics. As a foil to The Donald’s tweets, on that same page we have the Twitter feed of the New Yorker’s humour writer Andy Borowitz. Borowitz has been called the funniest man on Twitter. His New Yorker pieces are featured on Bulldog Politics as well.

The Guardian article is wonderful and there’s lots more of where that came from on Bulldog Politics.

Video above: Bulldog Politics has the great humourist Andy Borowitz’s Twitter feed on the same page as Donald Trump’s feed.

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3 thoughts on “The Noose Tightens On Trump

  1. This Twitter sums up what seems to be happening.

    #trump #msm #nyt
    Looks like the deep state is in the process of attempting a coup. The removal of a duly elected president.

  2. Not a noose, not a coup; it’s just a big hook on a long stick. They used to yank a bad act off the Vaudeville stage.

  3. After the “….. fire and fury like the world has never seen” comment, I’d like to recant my comment regarding the hook on a long stick. This is turning into more than a bad act on the Vaudeville stage.


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