The Oddities Get Odder At City Hall

One more thing to add to last week’s post on odd occurrences at Ottawa City Hall.

Why did the city planning department fight so hard to keep light rail off Carling Avenue when that city-owned, wide boulevard was the logical place to put it?

Carling actually had people and businesses along it to increase ridership on the line (maybe that was why the city didn’t want a ridership study … the city might have been forced to put LRT in the correct place).

Could it be that current route, the Macdonald Parkway, allows transit-oriented development to occur in very desirable neighbourhoods where builders can charge huge amounts for condos with views of the Ottawa River, downtown and the Gatineau Hills. Beats the view of the Canadian Tire parking lot on Carling.

So it appears we are building light rail not for the citizens of Ottawa who are paying for it, but instead for the development community so it can reap huge profits from condos.

And if developers are making big money, some of that revenue ends up in the coffers of the planning department. Don’t forget that the planning department chooses where the line goes.


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