The Ottawa Hospital Catches An Odd Break

The allegations of misdeeds, none of which have been proven in court, in the awarding of contracts at The Ottawa Hospital could not have come at a better time.

Whether the people named in the allegations are guilty is important, but there is another consideration in play.

The Ottawa Hospital is in the process of building a $2-billion new campus. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be awarded in contracts.

That money will be under scrutiny like at no other time. That cuts the risks of foul play occurring.



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2 thoughts on “The Ottawa Hospital Catches An Odd Break

  1. I’m not sure that it’s as much the Ottawa Hospital that’s caught the break rather than those of us who pay the bills. I’m waiting to see what comes out of the court cases and whose fingers were where they shouldn’t have been.

    The hospital says it has tightened up their procedures which is all well and good but we know that fraud and corruption can happen in the most careful shops. It also matters who’s designing the systems and how clean their fingers are. We just have to look to Montreal to see what corruption can do and how incredibly deep and pervasive it can be. That includes the expensive new hospital there.


  2. I could list some contractors who are currently working in Ottawa that have been found guilty of fraud or bribery but I am too much of a gentleman to bring up the past. After all, just because a company was a bad actor doesn’t mean it is still.


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