The Provincial Tories Ready To Implode


Deep Tory, my source deep inside the Progressive Conservative party, reports that a number of PC riding associations are moving toward a leadership review of their head honcho Patrick Brown.

Two reasons:

  1. Many conservatives in the party don’t think he is conservative enough;
  2. A number of Tories are concerned about the leader parachuting candidates in their ridings.

So this could be quite interesting. The provincial PCs self-imploding before Brown has a chance to hit the hustings in his first provincial election as leader. A new record.

Good luck.



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5 thoughts on “The Provincial Tories Ready To Implode

  1. If they dump Brown, what happens to the candidates he’s managed to get nominated in ridings across the province? Will it be back to the drawing board or will ridings be stuck with candidates who follow a departed leader?

  2. It continually amazes me when the ‘right’ thinks it’s not ‘right’ enough.

    This is Canada folks, not the U.S. Although slightly maligned in recent history, the term ‘Red Tory’ existed for a reason. Brown wasn’t my cup of tea, I always thought Christine Elliot would give the Liberals a run for their money, but dumping him for the likes of Kellie Leitch if she crashes and burns would be a huge mistake.

    If this happens, it better be soon or they’re going to hand the Liberals another government.

  3. Patrick Brown drew his support for the leadership from the far right wing of the Ontario PC’s. He just doesn’t resonate well with the urban population, which is where the majority of the ridings are. Insubordination from the urban ridings is the most likely outcome, with insurrection being a close second.


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