The Rule Of Law Has Gone To Pot





“Loving and caring parents cry in disbelief when they walk their children to tutoring clinics and taekwondo studios that have a marijuana store right beside it.”

Richard Bergman
Concerned Ottawan speaking
to the Police Services Board

Having pot shops open in defiance of the legal system denigrates the rule of law in this country.

The police argue that it is complicated to charge pot shops. Well maybe that’s why we have highly trained, well-paid officers. If policing were easy, the sherriff could just slap together a posse and put an end to it.

Increasingly we’re hearing parents say they are uneasy about pot shops. Maybe we need to rethink this upcoming pot legalization legislation.

Perhaps Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just had a brain-wave on the election trail about legalizing pot. Not sure that’s the way laws should be created.

Parents are worried about their children walking near pot shops. Increasingly the rule of law is flouted by these establishments.

We don’t have the consensus needed to legalized marijuana and have the law supported by the public.



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5 thoughts on “The Rule Of Law Has Gone To Pot

  1. The Ottawa Police Service has taken an innovative view on this problem. Apparently they have warned landlords that they could be charged for allowing illegal operations on their properties. I find it interesting that the police think that there are challenges in charging the “dispensaries” with criminal activity, but not in charging the landlord for allowing criminal activity.

    1. Ron:

      Also the police, in not charging people conducting illegal acts, are putting respect for the law in jeopardy.

      You can have all the officers in the world, but they won’t be enough if the public doesn’t respect the law.

      You can’t put a cop on every corner.

      For example, the one of the things that make a four-way stop work is respect of the law. And that contributes to the cooperation of drivers to get through the intersection.

      Not charging in the face of a flagrant violation of the law puts other laws in jeopardy.



  2. Trudeau was foolish in proclaiming something before thinking it through.

    He was foolish in saying electoral reform will happen. Didn’t think it through.

    I often wonder who is running the show in cabinet. His father used to carry bulging briefcases home each night. I just can’t imagine Justin having the concentration or interest in policy.

    1. Promises are easier made than kept. This is especially the case when the promises are made by politicians in response to pressure from special and/or limited interest groups.


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