The Salvation Army Is Not Bugsy Siegel



Rideau Vanier Councillor Mathieu Fleury is digging himself into a deeper hole.

Fleury is accusing the Salvation Army of spinning and lying about its desire to move its homeless shelter to Montreal Road in his ward.

The councillor should be careful about how he orchestrates this issue.

Fleury is not dealing with Bugsy Siegel but a charitable organization that has been doing good works since 1865.

In contrast, Fleury is a former lifeguard-now-councillor who is very wet behind the ears. Furthermore Fleury is a politician.

Who is the public about to believe? The Salvation Army or a politician.

Fleury in battling the Salvation Army is cutting himself just enough rope to hang himself.


Video above: Fleury is not dealing with Bugsy Siegel but the Salvation Army. To get a feel for mobster Siegel, watch the profile above.

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4 thoughts on “The Salvation Army Is Not Bugsy Siegel

  1. I will side with the Salvation Army on all of its great works of charity and social services. That would mean I do not believe Councillor Mathieu Fleury’s spin.

    Old jokes may be cynical by nature but the one about how you can tell if a politician is lying holds true far too often.

    How do you know he’s bending the truth? His lips are moving.

    All citizens of a city are citizens. Why does NIMBY play a role? The Salvation Army knows what your less advantaged citizens need. The Salvation Army wants to help provide the services needed. A great many people realize that the Salvation Army is doing a necessary job. Too many people just don’t want the job to be done in their area of town.

    The British once solved social problems with prison ships and a trip to Australia.

    Perhaps Fleury would like spaceships to transport social problems to Mars.

  2. If I remember correctly, it was Mathieu Fleury who blamed the Salvation Army for all the crime in the Byward Market.

  3. If Fleury has any claim against the Salvation Army for spinning and lying, it would be limited to intruding on territory usually reserved for politicians. Fleury’s pot has no just cause for calling the Salvation Army’s kettle black.

  4. I suspect that there is lots of blame to go around everywhere. There have been several negative stories about the Salvation Army in recent years from underpaying their staff to overpaying their executives.

    I suspect that this is a typical case of a developer trying to cut a quiet deal at City Hall and expecting it to sail through like all other development deals tend to do in this City. It may be easy to ignore a few hundred angry people over the redevelopment at Christie’s or the redevelopment of the Travellodge on Carling Avenue (they are just NIMBY’s trying to protect their property values in the eyes of city hall), but much harder to ignore thousands of angry people in Vanier (a community working hard to turn itself around).

    I suspect what we are now seeing is a lot of finger-pointing and blame-shifting now that the backroom deal is at risk and we are one year out from the next municipal election.


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