There Are Cycling Surveys And Then Cycling Surveys

Cycling supporter Shawn Gettler in the previous post tells us of important information supporting the Laurier Avenue bike lanes.

Gettler cites a city survey that shows the lanes are very successful. Of course, it is in the city’s interest to see that those lanes are a success. Just as it was in the city’s interest to say repeatedly that the LRT project was “on-time and on-budget” until it wasn’t. And even when the LRT was obviously late, one senior official even tried to fudge it when concrete facts showed the project was late.

Here is the way to torque a survey courtesy of the great television series Yes, Minister:



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One thought on “There Are Cycling Surveys And Then Cycling Surveys

  1. That made me laugh because it is true. Give me the results you want to hear. I will manipulate the data, frame the questions and phrase the report accordingly.

    We had a very successful year. We are very pleased with the results. We are pleased to report that we started a program of transparency, honesty and openness. We followed up this program with a program that will allow us to publish the results. This will allow the public to judge how well we have done. We are pleased to report that the reporting program is on time and our first report will be available soon; very, very soon.



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