Tierney Says Some Refreshing Words



“I love the passion. I think the passion is great, but at the same time there is a process.”

Library Board Chairman Tim Tierney

Now here’s a nice change.

Councillor Tim Tierney at this week’s Ottawa Public Library board meeting revelling in the debate about the location of the new central building.

Tierney enjoys the debate but recognizes rules exist around the debate.

The words are close to the essence of democracy. Now if we could just get Mayor Jim Watson to say that.

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3 thoughts on “Tierney Says Some Refreshing Words

  1. Exactly what process might that be?

    “The library will draw on the expertise of consultants to decide if or when the OPL should abandon the partnership with the archives.” So, who are these expert consultants and what is their criteria?

    Likewise, the OPL claimed at this board meeting that they are still uncertain about the space (square footage) that their new library will need. So, what is your process for determining your space requirements?

    And lastly, what is your budget? Is it really $86-million? What is the process that you will follow to determine the city budget for this library design/build?


    1. Good questions and how about another: Why are the consultants to decide “if or when to abandon the partnership” and not “if we should pursue the partnership more energetically?” My bet is they, whoever they are, will say pursue a partnership with a developer instead.


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