Tierney Takes Action On Tide Of Murders



Now that three people have been murdered on Jasmine Crescent since last April, perhaps it’s time to say there is a problem on that street.

So Beacon Hill-Cyrville Councillor Tim Tierney is moving out in front of this issue, demanding answers from the police chief and the head of the police services board. He wants something concrete to come out of these meetings. No word of Tierney consulting on a course of action with Councillor Mark Taylor.

So it falls to the councillor to show leadership. Where is Mayor Jim Watson on this issue after his previous efforts have failed? Not that they had much chance of succeeding in the first place. But three murders on one street?

Praise for Tierney taking on the issue. But he should take care that he does not end up being Councillor Keith Egli during the snow-plowing debacle.

Left holding the can.

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2 thoughts on “Tierney Takes Action On Tide Of Murders

  1. The fact that these discussions are made public tells me that this is just for public consumption. The announced discussion IS the action. If something real was being planned, it would be quiet & behind closed doors.


  2. This is a very serious problem for the entire city and every councillor should be speaking out on this and doing something about it TODAY.

    If the Chief of Police thinks that a neighbourhood watch program or a community picnic is going to solve this problem, he is completely out of ideas.

    Hearing the mother of one of the victims and how much pain she is suffering was just heart wrenching.

    Mayor Watson…where are you? (probably planning a picnic)


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