Time To Put On Your Smarty Pants, Sue Sherring



Columnist Susan Sherring takes the brave stand of defending her newspaper’s odd editorial against the hard words of Senators owner Eugene Melnyk.

Here Sherring plays Ms. Gruff:

If the nation’s capital is ever going to see an outdoor hockey game in 2017, Melnyk, not Bettman or Watson, is the only guy who can make that happen.

Time to put on your big boy pants.

And be the kind of civic leader this city has always treated you as.

Gee whiz, Sue. Hasn’t Melnyk and his consortium of business associates done enough this year by undertaking the biggest project in Ottawa in recent memory. You know, redeveloping LeBreton Flats … the land that was a local joke and that stymied municipal and national politicians for about a century. That’s a century, Sue. A hundred years. Nice round number. Not a hundred and fifty years. One hundred. How are you celebrating?

Look Sue, Melnyk has done more for this city than Bettman, Watson, you, me and most of Ottawa. Your column sounds like Randy Denley has returned from the dead.

The Sens owner put a lot of work into the bid for Parliament Hill. That was time he could have spent toiling on that little project on the Flats. Or getting his hockey team out of some concerning attendance woes.

Melnyk doesn’t owe the City of Ottawa anything … or his competitive partners of the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. Ahh, the joys of P3.

And sure, might he be a bit peeved about watching process go out the window on his casino bid or losing a Major League Soccer franchise he had in the bag when the city used odd process on the Lansdowne project? Wouldn’t you be a tad tepid? A good ref would have called the city for unsportsman-like conduct.

Melnyk has only so much money and so much time to give Ottawa. He’s a busy guy. Melnyk tried his best to get the outdoor game on Parliament Hill. He failed. Time to move on.

Oh yes. Where were His Worship’s Liberal pals on the Hill when the federal government killed the Senators’ project?

One would have thought that with all the glad-handing Watson has been doing just north of city hall he could have got a better result. Or maybe the mayor wasn’t trying that hard. Remember the city competes with Melnyk’s Senators through Lansdowne. Golly, why would the mayor want to make Melnyk look bad?

Didn’t hear that big sports fan Watson lobbying out loud for the Parliament Hill game. And when has Watson ever lobbied quietly? Maybe he forgot.

Melnyk owes the City of Ottawa, OSEG and Watson absolutely nothing. And they don’t owe Melnyk anything.

That’s business. It’s a bit nasty now and then.

Time to put on your smarty pants, Sue.



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10 thoughts on “Time To Put On Your Smarty Pants, Sue Sherring

  1. I think everyone would agree that a hockey game on Parliament Hill would have been unique, and therefore special. TD Place is just another stadium. These stadium games are a marketing tool by the NHL, but they are becoming overdone — at least the Olympics is every four years.

    And let’s be honest that the hockey experience of a stadium game is very poor unless you have eagle-like eyesight. Add to this the winter conditions and an outdoor stadium hockey game is just for the sake of vanity.

    Ottawa already is hosting the 2017 Grey Cup, as well as many other events during the year, including a hockey celebration. Go to the Ottawa 2017 website for the full details:

    “The Ottawa 2017 Bureau, along with their lead partner CIBC, and the Ottawa Senators, in collaboration with the National Hockey League, the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, the Canadian Museum of History and Lord Stanley’s Gift Memorial Monument are pleased to announce that a Stanley Cup® 125th Tribute will take place from March 15 to 18, 2017. This memorable four-day event will celebrate the integral role hockey has played in shaping our country’s identity and the longstanding love and admiration Canadians have for our national treasure, the Stanley Cup. It will be the signature event to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup next year in Ottawa, where the tradition started.”

  2. So after a bunch of posts about how Watson shouldn’t have anything to do with an outdoor NHL game, now you want him to move heaven and earth to make an outdoor NHL game happen…for an anniversary you deemed wasn’t worth even celebrating?

    Being contrarian for the sake of having something to say can only take you so far, good to know even you don’t pay attention to your ramblings

    1. Alfie:

      You might want to re-read the posts.

      I don’t want Watson to move heaven and earth to get an outdoor game.

      I’m just saying the task of bringing one here is formidable.



  3. It’s a bit much to hold Melnyk accountable for the rules and regs on Parliament Hill and to condemn him for not working with people who’ve spent the last number of years doing everything they could to oppose him. Which camp has Watson been firmly parked in since he became mayor? Not Melnyk’s.

    1. The Voter:

      Indeed. Then Watson grandstands that he is trying to save the outdoor game by meeting with Melnyk.

      Melnyk has a memory just like the rest of us.



  4. There are many locations for a game in Ottawa.

    This project needs the involvement/commitment from the city, local businesses, along with the Senators. Placing the blame on Melnyk is a perfect example of why things do not get done here.

    1. Mike:

      We could put this game anywhere.

      Why we could flood Jim’s backyard and invite the neighbours over.

      Of course we’d have to move the throne.



  5. Sue Sherrings column on this infuriated me.

    Yes, it would have been great to have this game on Parliament Hill and it would have been possible. The current gov’t has given a hands down and thus it is time to see if there is another way for the game to remain in Ottawa.

    It is NOT Mr. Melnyk’s fault that something else has yet to come to light. As Ken stated, all his energies and money (don’t forget the money…money he readily put forth for this endeavour), were sunk in trying to make a go of a Parliament Hill location. Give the powers that be, and NO the Mayor is not one of those powers, the time to discuss with each other and see what they can work out.

    It is well past time for the Mayor to just butt out and be quiet. It is also well past time for people to stop condemning one person or another. No one else came forward with a suggestion until Melnyk’s proposal was dismissed. Then, suddenly, everyone is an expert.

    Give it a little time and stop degrading those involved.


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