Tony Toronto Elites Come Out Against Condo


A low-rise condo in Toronto has turned some of that city’s elite into urban activists:

The latest example is, of course, an eight-storey condo proposal for 321 Davenport Rd. It has turned neighbourhood luminaries including author Margaret Atwood and businessman Galen Weston into nattering nabobs of NIMBYism. Opponents of the project insist it will ruin the Annex and destroy their quality of life.

Hmmm. This isn’t the first time such arguments have been heard. Who could forget the saga of 109 Ossington Ave? Though not as august as the Annex, neighbourhood NIMBYs came out in force to fight the six-storey, 85-unit, condo. Though it replaced a used-car lot — a used-car lot! — residents complained it was too high, that it would block the sun, increase congestion and contribute to the gentrification of a street whose inhabitants apparently revelled in its griminess.

Naturally, the fight ended up at the Ontario Municipal Board, which added years and considerable expense to the process. Finally, in 2015, the OMB approved it with minor modifications. Now, as buyers move into the recently finished building, it’s clear the condo is one of the best things to happen to Ossington this century. Given the quality of much of the architecture on the street, 109 stands out for just one thing — design excellence.

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3 thoughts on “Tony Toronto Elites Come Out Against Condo

  1. Not sure how much difference there is between locals in the Annex speaking out about inappropriate buildings being plunked down in their backyards and what’s happening or about to happen in Westboro. Just because people are 1%-ers or are prominent members of the community doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to comment on what’s going on in their neighbourhood. (I can’t believe I’m defending Galen Weston!! Don’t tell anyone!) The same has happened in Rockcliffe and New Edinburgh.


  2. Ken,
    I guess ‘ size does matter ‘.

    When does a condo become an eyesore and a ruination to the neighbourhood?

    Twenty floor condos plunked down in an area that has only one or two story houses versus an eight floor condo or a three floor apartment building, where does ruination begin and end?


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