Top 10 Reasons Jim Watson Is Tired Of Being Mayor



Oh your agent was a bit restless yesterday and so came up with two Top 10 Lists instead of the usual one.

A first in Bulldog publishing history.

But enough of this … straight to the news. I’m sorry but Mayor Jim Watson is looking a little bored at his post.

We investigate this through a Top 10 List. What else?


Top 10 Reasons Jim Watson Is Tired Of Being Mayor:


10. Calls Clive Doucet … Mayor Doucet;

9. Last consultant to visit him was Jack Daniels;

8. Thinks Diane Deans is sweet;

7. Thinks The Bulldog is lovable;

6. Thinks Rick Chiarelli … is … uh … still an idiot;

5. 140-character tweets make thumbs sore, hurt brain;

4. Appointed Jeff Leiper bus driver, fired him from cyclist-in-chief;

3. Introduces his imaginary friend as Sherlock Holmes;

2. Thinks Councillor Allan Hubley is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ;

1. Starting to like Eugene Melnyk.


Mayor Jim Watson thinks Councillor Allan Hubley is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Jim Watson Is Tired Of Being Mayor

  1. I think that Sherlock is hooked up with a seven-per-cent solution – not two per cent. I wonder if the next council will abide by neither a two-per-cent nor seven-per-cent solution and instead come up the the right solution rather than an arbitrary one.

    Don’t knock the Marshmallow Man because that’s where Ottawa gets the stuff to fill in the potholes.

    Isn’t marsh another word for swamp? I am not an admirer of populist’s slogans but “Drain the Marsh” might apply to Ottawa.

    Even Letterman didn’t come up with two Top 10 lists on one night.


  2. Ken:

    Two classic Top 10 List in one day, all funny stuff.

    Give the Mayor some credit, it’s hard work having his Minion Councillors vote and speak on his command.

    That would tire anybody out.


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