Top 10 Reasons Staff Didn’t Talk To New Edinburgh



New Edinburgh residents are steamed because they feel city staff didn’t consult them properly about the combined sewage storage tunnel to be built through their neighbourhood.

That said, Ottawa city staff had very good reasons for failing to address the tunnel properly with New Edinburgh taxpayers.

The Bulldog will explain these by way of a Top 10 list:


Top 10 Reasons City Staff Didn’t Consult With New Edinburgh On Sewage Tunnel:

10. Dog ate their homework;

9. Some of those New Eddie guys are really big;

8. Pharma Plus ran out of no-doze;

7. There’s enough crap going through the tunnel without hearing it from them;

6. Riley Brockington said it was the right thing to do;

5. Mayor’s speech said Ottawa inclusive and open … for us, not them;

4. They might call us names;

3. Would interfere with Tuesday city staff poker night;

2. Just pay your taxes, our salaries and shut up;

1. We don’t care.



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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Staff Didn’t Talk To New Edinburgh

  1. No. 11: The city feels there is no need to consult because staff know all;
    No. 12: Why change the way things have always been done. Voters still elect and staff still do not face repercussions.

  2. There is a bunch of new phrases that can be added to all Top 10 lists from this day forward :

    From the Kellyanne Conway – alternate facts are all that matter;
    From Bannon – just shut up;
    From Mr, Trump – I’ve been hearing, therefore I believe these things to be facts so you better believe them too – or else.

  3. #11: If we started listening to the residents of New Edinburgh, we might have to listen to people in other communities. Who knows what that would lead to. Where would it end? People all over the city could get the idea they had the right to tell us what we should do in their neighbourhoods. That’s just wrong.
    #12: We might lose our iron-tight control over what’s permitted in the city.

  4. Alternative fact edition: Because, obviously our plan is amazing, you’re gonna love it, it’s gonna be beautiful; We know it’s gonna be great because Riley Brockington said it was the right thing to do; and the Mayor too.


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