Toronto Fans Aren’t Too Smart


What kind of idiots bring flares and fireworks into a soccer match between the Ottawa Fury and TFC Wednesday?

Why idiots from Toronto. No surprise there.

The Toronto fans caused a fire in the stands and delayed the game. It could have been much worse.

But then travelling Toronto fans are slow learners. For example, shouldn’t they know by now that the Leafs aren’t going to win a Stanley Cup? They haven’t got one since 1967. I saw the game on a black-and-white RCA Victor television which eventually stopped working when it caught fire. No word if the blaze was set by a Leafs’ fan.

Toronto fans would do well to change their allegiance to the Ottawa Senators. The team is in a bit of a bad spot now but over time they will no doubt win a Stanley Cup before the inept Leafs.

On the nature of Toronto fans: A few years ago a friend of mine and myself went to a couple of ball games in Cleveland. The fans were polite, intelligent and well-behaved.

A day later (it was a baseball trip), we went to three games in Toronto. Drunken idiots shouted stupidities throughout the game and fans were out-of-shape when they left the park. There was a fist fight leaving the game among fans.

What has happened to Toronto? People there used to be like Ottawans. Now Toronto supporters have been infiltrated by a bunch of bums.


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