Triumph Of The Watson Media Hog



When Ottawans think of the Ottawa Senators and the team’s playoff series with the Boston Bruins, they don’t give a passing thought to Erik Karlsson or Mark Stone or Craig Anderson.


They immediately think of Mayor Jim Watson.

The coverage-starved Watson … he with more than $28 million to play with on Ottawa 2017 (that’s the 150th anniversary of Canada as you can tell from the title) … with a lock on every society or party page in the city … was the main story (taking up two-thirds of a page) of the coverage of the Ottawa Senators first game of their Stanley Cup playoff series.

Why? Because His Worship has a collection of sweaters from every cheesy photo-op on sports in recent Ottawa history.

Photo above: Mayor Jim Watson occupying more space in the Ottawa Citizen.

And with this breaking news story in the Citizen, he gets a rare two-for-one media special. Not only does Jim “Boom Boom” Watson get his picture in the original grip-and-grin photos with the team sweater, His Worship gets an encore with the already-photographed sweaters. PR Christmas in April.

Now don’t forget that Watson just learned to skate, screwed up the Blue Jays Double-A deal and even said that Ottawa couldn’t afford to get a World Series that comes with a Double-A franchise. Sorry Your Worship but they don’t play the World Series in Scranton or Toledo or at other Eastern League locales.

But there’s a more serious issue here.

How do journalists expect candidates to come forward in the municipal election of 2018 when the Citizen is so firmly in Watson’s corner at every turn.

It’s bad journalism and bad democracy.

And if this is the best the Citizen can do to cover a great playoff series (by going to Ottawa’s grand media hog himself), maybe it’s time to fold up the shop.



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6 thoughts on “Triumph Of The Watson Media Hog

  1. You must admit that his lairdship knows the media game and plays (with it) quite well.

    This kind of nonsense media participation in his re-election bid is a shameful blemish on the reputation of an unbiased press.

  2. As a subscriber, I felt insulted that at least 3/4 of a page was spent on Jersey Boy along with a professional photo of him with all his jerseys. This is filler. I pay for news not free political PR.

    1. Fed-Up Voter:

      I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were a subscriber to The Bulldog. A refund is in the mail.




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