Trump Follower Mocks Plight Of Separated Child

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Fox News responds to a story of a young child with down syndrome being taken from her Mexican emigrant parents at the U.S. border:

This shows the absolute depths of lack of empathy by the Trump administration and its followers.

If you are so devoid of sympathy for this young child, the moral bankruptcy of the Trump administration is complete.

This is not the act of a democratic government and we should fear the next moves of this rogue regime.

Meanwhile Rachel Madow at MSNBC responded below to news that toddlers were being separated from their emigrant parents at the Mexican border:


What with illegally imposing tariffs on Canadian and EU steel and aluminum, threatened auto tariffs, creating a trade war with China, chumming up to brutal North Korea and doing the bidding of an anti-democratic regime in Russia, U.S. President Donald Trump is completely out of control.

He is woefully inadequate for the job and is making up for it by doing cruel and drastic things in a pathetic effort to look tough.


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4 thoughts on “Trump Follower Mocks Plight Of Separated Child

  1. Good news is that the practice of separating the children from the family will be stopped per new Executive Order. Bad news is that it started.

    But Ken, with reference to your 4th paragraph – these were, indeed, the acts of a democratic government. These are the acts of the U.S.; to say otherwise would mean it was all just a dream.

    Somewhere in this whole chain of events there were a vast number of U.S. citizens relying on the Nuremberg defence that I was “just following orders”.

    Shame on them all. May each and every one that defended these events and may each and every one of them that touched a child and may each and every one of them that participated in any manner whatsoever – take a long walk off a short pier.


  2. Just re-watched Trump signing that executive order, he actually pretended that caging children wasn’t his fault. He pretended that he always was upset with the separating of children from their parents and he is the hero coming to the rescue.

    Then he goes on to talk about zero tolerance and that a lot of people are going to be happy with the new policy. I wonder if those happy people are going to be the gun-toting employees that follow orders. Will the new policy be shoot to kill? A clean kill is better than a wounding isn’t it.


  3. When I see dramatic changes in policy, driven from the top, I ask myself “What caused this change of heart?”.

    In the 1980s, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was confronted by a senior citizen who was upset by proposed changes to old-age security payments. She called him a liar to his face, and it was broadcast on the national news. Mulroney introduced changes to the policy the same day. The changes were nominal at best.

    The initial plan was to not pay the old-age security amount to every senior based on an income test. The revised plan was to pay everyone who qualified by age, then claw back an amount on their income-tax return. The end result was a difference without a distinction. The key was that Mulroney was embarrassed in a public setting, and he had to do something to recover from it.

    A couple of years ago, a picture of a three-year-old boy who had drowned while his family was trying to escape the Syrian civil war appeared on the front pages of newspapers and internet news sites around the world. Before that, the migrant crisis arising from the long-term, devastating civil war was “old news”. The human level problems did not resonate in the developed world, most notably western Europe, Canada and the U.S. After the picture was published, governments changed their immigration policies, to appear to be more sympathetic. The key was that the western nations were embarrassed by their failure to address a large scale crisis.

    All of which brings me back to my opening sentence. Was it the picture of a toddler, standing behind a fence (referred to as a cage by the Trump critics) crying unconsolably, that resonated with the Trump supporters?

    To be absolutely clear, the picture did not show anything that the Trump administration, the Senate and the House of Representatives did not already know. What changed was that a picture showed to everyone in America, even Trump’s “deplorables” (sarcasm alert – I am just mocking Hillary Clinton’s ill-considered choice of words), what separating families actually looks like. In short, this change in policy by Trump is not because he and his fellows appointed and/or elected officials and their backroom manipulators think that their policy was wrong. It is because they, just like Mulroney and the western governments of a couple of years ago, knew that they had to appear to care.


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