Trump: Look At The Bully Cry


The Voter made an interesting comment on the reaction of U.S. President Donald Trump’s ultra right-wing backers (the G7’s communique being a “socialist document”). Here is my response:

The Trump people know Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is popular around the world because of his good looks and personality. As well Canada is respected internationally as an honest broker.

Trudeau has what a rather shallow Trump wishes he had. Accordingly, his response is jealousy and fear.

The Trump people are reacting as they do because, outside of Canada, Trudeau’s a pop star. He has better ratings than Trump (Trump sees everything through ratings and PR) and people respect him because he is from Canada (which has a good reputation).

The Trump people expect that he can be bullied because Canada is a little guy and Trudeau is a weak young man in their eyes. Look what happens when you stand up to a bully … he folds like a deck of cards. His aides go wild. Canada has been very effective in winning the PR war. Trump doesn’t lose that one very often.

The world won’t like the U.S. trying to beat up on Canada. If you can’t get along with Canada, you can’t get along with anyone.

As we saw with Hitler, give him a little and he wants more. If the world had slapped him early, say when he invaded the Rhine, they could have stopped him. They didn’t. This was Trump’s slap-down moment.

Trump got spanked by a smart Canada that has been going behind his back by lobbying U.S. industry and legislators over policies that hurt the president’s own country. He and his people aren’t accustomed to being punished and out-smarted by a foreign country (unless it is Russia). Canada has negotiated with calm and good manners. It throws Trump for a loop because Canada is doing what he should do. Canada is showing the world what Trump is. A boor.

Who thought when NAFTA negotiations began that Trump’s biggest problem would be buttoned-down Canada? Canadians are nice people unless you push them too far. Ask our enemies when they’ve been forced to fight our military in foreign wars. Soon Trump will brand Canadians as criminals and rapists. With luck, Americans with good hearts will recognize otherwise.

That said, Canada should be prepared for worse. It will hurt but it is the only way to stand up to a bully. If you stand up to Trump, with his attention span of a gnat, the president will likely try to find another country to bully. He wants an easy target. We’re a tough nut.

Perhaps we should remind him where his oil and natural gas comes from. But that’s the last card we play, not the first.

One other point, Trump came to the G7 to get Russia back into the fold. He was doing Putin’s bidding. Putin has been so successful in compromising Trump for whatever reason that the Russian leader has driven a wedge between Canada and the United States.

The real smart guy in all this is Putin. He is destroying the Western alliance through subterfuge.

Putin is very dangerous … the smartest foe the West has seen out of Russian since Stalin.


Look at Trump aide Larry Kudlow squawk. This is what happens
when you stand up to a bully.


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3 thoughts on “Trump: Look At The Bully Cry

  1. The U.S. invoked the WTO’s “national security” exemption clause when it imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum entering the U.S. The logic, and I use the term loosely, is that a nation needs to have a robust domestic steel and aluminum manufacturing capacity so that, in the event of war, the nation can redirect that manufacturing capacity to support the war effort.

    It is my understanding that France uses similar logic to support its subsidies to its farmers. A nation needs to be able to feed its people, and if a war were to disrupt the supply lines, the people of the nation could face significant food supply issues.

    With that as a background, I recommend that Canada invoke the WTO’s national security exemption clause on all dairy and egg imports, and cite both as precedents the examples of France and the U.S. Then, let’s hear how Mr. Trump responds.

  2. I think it is interesting that Kudlow was so flustered that he calls our prime minister “Pierre Trudeau”. Listen at around 7 and a half minutes in…. says Pierre at about 7:40.

    1. Missed that the first time around. If this guy’s negotiating with Pierre, he has bigger problems than tariffs and subsidies. No wonder they’re not making any headway.


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