Trump’s Doctrine Isn’t Going Anywhere



The most frightening thing about Donald Trump is not Donald Trump.

Instead it’s the huge number of people who still plan to vote for him.

He treats women poorly, he’s caught up in lies, he’s a braggart, a bully, discriminatory, an economic midget and he shows tendencies in foreign policy that are deeply concerning.

How can any right-thinking person vote for this nasty person?

Trump is not the problem. It’s the followers of Trump who are the problem.

Trump will probably lose the election in November and fade from the political scene.

But his voters aren’t going anywhere.

Who will be the next Donald Trump to ask for their votes?

Trump will be gone but his odd doctrine, imprecise as it is, will live on.

One of Hillary Clinton’s and even the Republican party’s biggest problems in the upcoming years will be to quell this tide of right-wing fanaticism.

Right-wing fanaticism can result in some terrible things.



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4 thoughts on “Trump’s Doctrine Isn’t Going Anywhere

  1. There is a great deal wrong with the model of capitalism now. There is a great deal wrong with politics by party. There is a great deal wrong with family tree politics. There is a great deal wrong with the puppeteers that decide who gets the party’s favour.

    People are tired of the lies and the lying liars that tell them. People are tired of elitism and entitlement.

    Clinton is by no means projecting herself as a break-away politician. She comes across as just another entitled member of the current ruling class which is what she really is.

    Unfortunately Trump is a boor, inflamatory, an elitist and he has no concrete answers for anything. He makes crass statements of his facts but presents no policy.

    Clinton will give four years of slow or no change. The Donald will give chaos – choose one.

  2. Both candidates have their strong and weak points. Haven’t we all? The world has so many major problems including lousy leadership, starvation, healthcare, ISIS and law and order. Neither candidate is perfect but the U.S. has fought for and earned the right to vote however he or she wants to. Americans, vote with your mind and not with what the media wants you to do.

  3. This is slightly off the topic of Trump but at the same time on target about his supporters.

    People know things are wrong. At one time, not too long ago, things seemed better for the middle class and social consciousness seemed to be on the rise.

    Many people are angry BUT they do not know what has happened.

    These two sources are a bit dry but they both try to explain what went wrong and they are worth taking in if one wants to try and understand where capitalism has gone awry.

    Check out Robert B. Reich’s book – Saving Capitalism for the Many, not the Few.

    Check out a Canadian Documentary called – The Price We Pay.

    These will give an idea as to why you are angry. These sources will also inform you why the puppeteers and their puppets will fix nothing.

  4. If you want change, vote Trump. If you want more of the same, vote Clinton.

    Change doesn’t come from within the party, it comes from an outsider. On the left it was Sanders, on the right it is Trump. Sure he is a bully and a boor. When the ruling class governs for the ruling class and forgets about the others, then we see the demand for change. In other countries it might provoke a revolution. I would like to see Trump in for one term. Clean out the garbage, lobbyists, party hacks, long-time parasites at the public purse with inside track on all sorts on contracts.

    The Clintons will serve the oligarchy. Which outcome is better for the long run?


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