Tsunami Misses Ottawa


The chance of a tsunami striking Ottawa is “unlikely.”

Whew. That was close.

You know at any time a huge earthquake could occur and a giant tsunami could rip down the St. Lawrence up the Ottawa River and inundate the nation’s capital.

Now you say that’s impossible so we checked with an expert and she says that a tsunami is highly unlikely. So you write the headline.

“Possibility of Ottawa tsunami exists: expert”

It goes on. At least the tsunami headline is exciting. The dull ones are “Nepean man reads book (this one was actually written in a community newspaper)” or the classic, “It could have been worse.” But it wasn’t.

So the Citizen blessed us with the headline “Excavation for LRT tunnel is on schedule, city says.” That’s right in there with “Man walks down street at normal pace” or “Do not read while operating heavy equipment.”

For $2.1 billion it sure as hell better be on time. Actually the headline could have said, “No news in this story.” Were the line delayed or incredibly ahead of schedule, well you might have had a yarn. But this just in: the line is doing fine.

The level of critical thought on Ottawa’s poorly planned light-rail project is disconcerting. The most expensive project in municipal history here is badly, badly flawed. But apparently it’s on time.

It’s also too short, inefficient, too expensive, poorly planned, too many transfers, and late but it’s on time (read on for that one).

You see, I would pursue these stories:

“City fails to do ridership study for $2.1-billion project (that story was actually in The Bulldog but no one picked up on it).”

“Ottawa plans LRT where no one lives.”

“Ottawa tunnels line down park.”

“Ottawa planned no western exist for light rail.”

“Staff torques facts to avoid LRT on Carling.”

“City uses wrong cars for dedicated line.”

“Chiarelli LRT plan $1.4 billion cheaper, three times longer.” In fact as pundit Alf Chaiton explained in a comment on The Bulldog on the weekend, the Barrhaven line would have been completed by 2009. He maintains a Carling line would be operating by now as well. So …

“LRT project seven years late.”

That’s an engaging story. Better still, it’s true.

The LRT is not on time.


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6 thoughts on “Tsunami Misses Ottawa

    1. Chaz:

      What! Tsunami Misses Ottawa wasn’t in a press release. I made that up myself. Out of thin air no less.

      Are you taking into question my journalistic integrity? If you want another example of my journalistic integrity, read this.

      Have a good day, Chaz.



        1. Kosmo:

          I don’t know if The Bulldog is mainstream or a guerrilla website.

          I just do it. But could you pass a banana?




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