Tulip Fest Announces New Board


This is a release from the Canadian Tulip Festival:

The Canadian Tulip Legacy (“CTL”) today announced a new board of directors and the retirement of Chairman David Luxton and director Laura Brown.

“I am very pleased to be handing over CTL and the Canadian Tulip Festival to such experienced hands after twelve years of service,” said David Luxton, outgoing Chairman.  “It is gratifying to have seen the Festival, one of Canada’s iconic events, grow as it has over the years and win so many awards as one of the top event destinations in North America, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and creating tens of millions of dollars in local economic benefit.”

The incoming Chairman, Michel Gauthier, commented “Mr. Luxton steered the Festival through a critical period of rebuilding and expansion from 2006 and provided substantial financial support and countless volunteer executive hours over that period as Chairman.  Laura Brown, also retiring as a director, devoted several years of volunteer service as artistic director.  “On behalf of the Festival and the whole community we thank David and Laura for their extraordinary commitment, talent and support.”

Michel Gauthier led the Festival organization from 1992 to 2005, and in 2017 returned to operate a special Canada 150 edition of the Festival.    Other new directors joining the board similarly have decades of experience with the Canadian Tulip Festival.  Grant and Pam Hooker, owners of BeaverTailsTM Ottawa Incorporated, will return to the Festival as interim directors and will assist Michel in assembling a permanent Board of 8 – 10 individuals.

“We now start an important next chapter in the long history of one of Canada’s most loved festivals, said Michel Gauthier, “and we look forward to preserving and growing the proud heritage of the Festival.”


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One thought on “Tulip Fest Announces New Board

  1. The press release talks about a new Board but only mentions three people, i.e. Michel Gauthier and Pam and Grant Hooker, the last two being listed as “interim Directors”. Two people are listed as leaving the board. Are there other directors? I went to their website but there’s no info about the festival’s governance there other than this press release under “Media”.
    It’s a very short time until the Tulip Fest and they are in receipt of a lot of government money. Who’s in charge over there? Why isn’t there a proper Board? Are there problems with the operation? If so, is Gauthier the right person to head it?
    Gauthier ran Tulip Fest last year- is it appropriate for him to move into the Board Chair’s position? Especially when it appears that the only other two directors are just temporary?


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