Turf Watson From LeBreton Talks: Reader


Frequent Bulldog contributor The Voter says Mayor Jim Watson has no place at the LeBreton Flats negotiating table:

The people on the other side of the table in these negotiations will be staff from the other organizations involved. It is neither needed nor appropriate for Mayor Jim Watson, as a politician, to insert himself into the mix. Staff will work out what they can and bring that proposal to the relevant political bodies for approvals when needed.

Even if it weren’t Watson, there’s no place for political interference at this level of negotiations. City manager Steve Kanellakos is more than capable of managing the negotiations and getting the right people with the right expertise around the table to move this project forward. Don’t send him in with both hands tied behind his back by including Watson on the negotiating team.

It’s even more inappropriate given the history between Watson and the proponents of this project. I’m surprised that Senators owner Eugene Melnyk didn’t include a clause in the deal that bars Watson from being anywhere near it.



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4 thoughts on “Turf Watson From LeBreton Talks: Reader

  1. Why have a lap dog from the city at all? I said before and I repeat. Let the players from the NCC and the proponent, who care about proper planning do their best then present it for review and approval by the citizenry and FULL council. The city can contribute with Boom Boom/s letter published with his/the city’s wants in the Bulldog. Sufficient guidance is spoken to about housing and revitalization in His Worship’s wish list

  2. I concur.
    Negotiations, discussions, technical issues should be raised with some eliminated and others highlighted by competent professionals. Once scenarios reduced, political acumen to be applied by COUNCIL.

  3. Never during the decades LeBreton was vacant, never when proposals were being considered, did any Ottawa Mayor think he/she should be directly involved. This needs to stop now. Any chance some city councilors might grow a backbone and diplomatically let their opposition be known. If they don’t, hopefully they pay the price at the next election.

    Failing that, perhaps some well-known respected local person will step forward as happened with the Tunney Pasture Civic Hospital incident?

  4. Turf Watson from office and many of the city councillors who are, any or all, of the following: a lapdog, in deep with developers, incompetent and/or out of tune with constituents.

    At the next city election my vote is not going to my incumbent.


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