Turning Murder Into Publicity: Mike Patton



Bulldog commentator Mike Patton says public protests against murderers are unlikely to be effective.

That said, protests against murderers do get your picture in the paper.

The floor is yours, Mike.




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6 thoughts on “Turning Murder Into Publicity: Mike Patton

  1. I would have to disagree with Mike Patton on this one. If they put a camera up in these neighbourhoods, that would mean the councillors would be spending more time with those constituents. More camera time.


  2. The reason for the protest is clear and reasonable.
    Who do the people in this neighbourhood think they are protesting against when their city councillor and the OPS chief is walking with them.
    Who do they feel will take action and at least attempt to create change?
    Smoke and mirrors.


  3. The signs held up by the residents were prepared by a professional printer, not handmade. That is a clear indication of funding and planning in a neighbourhood where fundraising from the residents is a challenge. So, who put up the money?


    1. Possible hint – Fleury’s office paid for the buses to take the protesters to picket the Sally Ann Open House last week.
      I thought that citizens were supposed to direct politicians, not the other way around. We’ll have to discuss this at our next Cynics United meeting.


      1. The Voter,

        If Fleury’s office did, indeed, pay for buses – paid for how? Personal money or city’s money?

        Either way it is disgusting but if he used money from his city office budget – I’d start a campaign to force him to resign.

        Most sincerely,


    2. Ron,
      Missed the signs at the time, but came across them on FB over the weekend. Professional indeed — white and orange, some in English, some in French and definitely professional.
      What’s scary is: are the voters falling for this?


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