Tweets Ricochet Back At The Mayor


The website Ricochet takes an interesting look at what Mayor Jim Watson claims columnist Desmond Cole said and what really happened.

Watson maintains Cole started name-calling in a series of tweets.

Here’s what Ricochet found.

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7 thoughts on “Tweets Ricochet Back At The Mayor

  1. In this matter Cole has the high ground and is using that vantage to lob criticism at the Mayor. The Mayor, on the other hand, has a complicated set of interests to balance. All this does for me is to point out the limits of Twitter.

    1. Usockem:

      Indeed, His Worship is likely challenged on a daily basis to “balance” a “complicated set of interests”. Sadly, all this does for me is point out the limitations of his leadership. I expect more, and you deserve better.

  2. Watson seems to be backing himself into more and more corners with his intransigence. I know he’s not RC but even he should know that the Pope is the only guy that’s supposed to be infallible and even His Holiness has been backing away from that concept.

  3. There is an interesting article on the Bulldog Canadian today.
    “Canadians may be notoriously polite, but….”

    One can always stick to what one’s mom said: “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

    However criticism is a way to draw attention to an act for the purpose of comparative evaluation. It also aids in deflating egos. Who’s ego doesn’t need a kick in the pants now and again?


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