Two New Features On The Bulldog


We’ve been busy little Bulldogs recently. You have two new features.

A LIKE buttom is now at the end of posts on The Bulldog Forum and in The Bulldog’s comment. Also there is a widget in the right-hand sidebar showing you the most-liked offerings on those two features.

So tell the authors if you enjoyed their posts. Participate. See how others feel about your post. Yet more interaction. The like button looks like this:

Oh yes. One other thing. Don’t be afraid to put a headline on your Bulldog Forum reply. It shows up better in Google and in the Like widget in the right-hand column. Those two things get your comment better readership.

We’re still testing this plugin. It is causing a couple of technical problems on The Bulldog. I’ve contacted the author of WP-ULike (the plugin) but have not heard back from him. If the bugs don’t get solved, it’s back to the drawing board.

And due to popular demand, we are turning The Bulldog’s comments upside-down. That’s what you readers wanted.

So the first comment on a Bulldog post will be first and on top while the latest post will be on the bottom of the comments. Just like in The Bulldog Forum.

Let’s see how that works out.



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2 thoughts on “Two New Features On The Bulldog

  1. Ken,
    My RIP comment about the ‘like’ button didn’t last long. Somehow, I figured you would bring it back.

    I’m not sure what “put a headline on your Bulldog Forum reply” means. Do you mean a Capital Letter Title to start off a reply or is there some button to click?


    1. Chaz:

      I think I meant topics but if you see a place for a title on anything you write, then put on a title or headline or whatever they call it.




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