Tysick Rejected As PC Candidate In Carleton



This is a release from Jay Tysick:

With regard to my application to be a contestant for nomination to the Ontario PC Party in the riding of Carleton, we were notified Friday morning with a single sentence email that my application had been rejected. No reason was given, nor has since been given, despite my request for one.
While we’re obviously saddened by that decision, our greater concern is for the People of this riding who have been denied their choice of representation. In the short time we had to run this campaign, we were blessed to meet with hundreds upon hundreds of people who connected with our message. These people paid their hard earned money to the Party for the sole purpose of voting in this nomination contest. Patrick Brown’s decision to refuse my application, has taken from them that vote and their choice, without any reason whatsoever.
It is understandable that, as Leader, Patrick Brown has full authority under the rules of the party to impose that decision unilaterally and that after the shocking upset in Niagara West Glenbrook last week, he likely feels compelled to limit the opposition to his favoured candidates.That said, If he cares at all about democracy, he should open the process to all and let the people have their say. If he wishes to choose the other path however, he should be decent enough to be clear about that and to do so upfront, as other leaders have done in other parties and at different times. There was no reason to waste everyone’s time and money by pretending this would be a democratic choice.
To me, this process has shown a disregard for democratic principles, and has made it clear that the opinions of many people in the Carleton riding aren’t welcome in this Progressive Conservative Party.
While meeting with these people at their homes and businesses, I made the promise to them that I was a fighter, and that I would make their voices heard. Many of these people signed up to vote for me because of that promise – my commitment to them doesn’t end just because Patrick Brown has chosen to not hear those voices. Our team and our support are intact and as committed as ever.
I have taken the weekend to spend much needed time with my family and we are now ready to make decisions about our next steps and how we best proceed.
We will be releasing another statement shortly.
Jay Tysick



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3 thoughts on “Tysick Rejected As PC Candidate In Carleton

  1. Ken,

    This is one more example of why many feel the Patrick Brown is a Liberal in disguise. This action is definitely undemocratic and wrong.

    I for one, want some explanation as to why Tysick was not accepted to run. Is Brown afraid that one of major backers for his run for party leadership will be defeated? Hmmmm.

  2. I don’t know Tysick. I don’t know Brown. I don’t belong to any political party but I do abhor party politics. Party politics and family tree politics are democracy at its worst.

  3. Patrick Brown promised a return to democracy within the PC party yet he makes the news more often for flouting democracy.

    If PC riding association members aren’t free to make decisions through their own vote at the local level then they have no democracy at all. It’s a sham and a shame.

    A groundswell of grassroots citizens placed hope in Patrick Brown a short time ago at the leadership convention where he bragged about his new membership sales which ultimately won him the leadership. It’s not that Brown disappointed those of us who hold up democracy as a light in the darkness, it’s that he has abandoned so many who thought he held the torch high to shed light on the mismanagement Ontarians have experienced under the McGuinty and Wynne regimes. Instead he’s snuffing out the beacon of democracy.

    Why Mr. Brown, why have you abandoned your ethics and your base?


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