Use A Real Estate Agent, City: Patton


Bulldog commentator Mike Patton discusses why the City of Ottawa does not need a land corporation:



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3 thoughts on “Use A Real Estate Agent, City: Patton

  1. But why is the city’s department costing so much.

    If a broker can run an office (hydro, heat, various kinds insurance policies, property taxes), pay income taxes, pay for advertising, pay staff, pay his agents a share of commissions and still make a profit – why can’t a government do likewise?

    Just askin’ to your just sayin’

    Oh, I forgot – just answered my own question – ’cause it’s government.


  2. About a decade ago, there was a five session consultation with the community on the undeveloped lands in Centrepointe, generally adjacent to Woodroffe Avenue, south of Baseline Road.

    Most of the land is owned by the city. What came out of those meetings was a clear desire by the city to be the property developer. I consider it good news that a decade later, their ambitions have been tempered to being just a real estate agent.


  3. Too bad you don’t have to do any research before you get up on a soapbox. Have you talked to the folks who run the corporation Mike? Nooooooo… cos you know it all.


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