Vehicle-Bicycle Accident Has Two Victims


There are two victims in a fatal motor vehicle-bicycle crash … the cyclist and the driver.

The cyclist tragically doesn’t get to live out his or her life.

The driver tragically relives the crash every day of his or her life.

In the 2016 truck-bicycle crash on Laurier Avenue that killed a young woman, police said the truck driver appeared stunned, in-shock and “staring blankly”.

No driver wants to kill anyone.

Get the bike lanes off Laurier and put them where they are safe.


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5 thoughts on “Vehicle-Bicycle Accident Has Two Victims

  1. I agree with you but let’s not forget the witnesses and the first responders. The people who watched that happen can never un-see it. I hope they are all being offered supports. Going through the trial will bring it all back to them. Our first responders see things most of us will never see each and every day but that doesn’t make it any easier.


  2. I do not drive in an area where there are any bike lanes so I had only my own logic to use when imagining the chaos. Two thousand pounds of metal surrounded by blind-spots equals danger to anything that sneaks up behind or beside it.

    The Toronto Star had a video and article in yesterday’s online edition. Now I see the chaos.


  3. Ken, et al. Four or five years ago, after the bicycle lane went operational on Laurier Avenue we all heard complaints from many people for various reasons. I remember seeing a cyclist without a helmet riding his bicycle while talking on a cell phone, one hand on the handles the other holding his phone (smart phone, dumb person). If he had had to brake quickly he would not have been able to and who knows what would have transpired. I’m not familiar with the accident illustrated above, but do know that bicycle lanes don’t make cyclists infallible. It’s up to all cyclists to pay attention to what’s happening around them and “cycle defensively”. A 3,000-pound automobile vs a 200-pound combination of bicycle and rider, a 15 to 1 ratio, always works in the car’s favour when a collision occurs.


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