Virtue And Moir Finally Tell All

At last, Canada’s great ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir reveal the extent of their relationship on and off the ice.

This should end the speculation and so too the fame of the pair.

The video evidence is below:



Below is what Moir and Virtue are doing now … at least as of April 6 … in Japan in Stars On Ice. Sure isn’t the Olympic performance. And now they fade into history.


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One thought on “Virtue And Moir Finally Tell All

  1. They may not be fading into history. There’s still a long run in professional ice skating open to them – the version of Stars on Ice that they’re skating in here in Ottawa includes Elvis Stojko who left amateur skating behind about 15 years ago.
    They may also coach future skaters as a lot of former World and Olympic skaters have done. As professionals, they’ll also be able to earn more money than would be possible if they stayed amateurs. They could find work as media commentators for future Canadian and international events.
    Or they may just ride off into the sunset and take up other challenges.


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