Want To Control Guns In U.S.? March: FORUM TOPIC


Your agent offered up this missive for discussion on The Bulldog Forum:

Increasingly students in the U.S. are speaking out against the ready availability of firearms.

Self-evidently, students are tired of being targets for bullets.

So here’s a few words of advice.

Do what we did in the 1960s and 1970s when we didn’t like what was going on. March, protest. March until your feet bleed. March.

Create a mass protest in Washington. March on the Capitol and the White House.

The presence of tens of thousands of fine young people protesting preventable death and the legislators who won’t do anything about it is bound to have an effect.

It might not change things immediately but keep up the protests and it does work over time.

If adults won’t protect their kids, maybe the kids should protect themselves.


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