Was Kim A Him? Kinsella Asks


Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella has caught up Ottawa resident Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a whopper of a misspeak on a woman PM.

“I have one daughter and there is something very special about imagining a woman prime minister. I think it’s long overdue.”

Somewhere Kim Campbell is crying. To read the whole Kinsella post, click here.


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4 thoughts on “Was Kim A Him? Kinsella Asks

  1. Two thoughts come to mind regarding Kim Campbell and PM Trudeau’s failure to acknowledge her short tenure as PM.

    The first is that Kim Campbell became PM because she won a then Progressive Conservative party leadership vote. She was not elected PM in a general election. This effectively puts an asterisk beside her name, not unlike John Turner, and a few PMs from a century and change ago.

    The second is that, during the interview, PM Trudeau was working from his talking points, and the people who prepared those talking points likely did not score high marks in their mid-school Canadian history courses (and yes this does speak to the age of the staffers who do the PM’s homework).

  2. While Kim Campbell was not elected, she was still our first female PM.
    Sad commentary on all involved to forget this fact.
    BTW, Kinsella was not the only one to catch the error immediately.

  3. On giving this more thought, our self-proclaimed feminist PM appears on an international TV show and forgets that we had a female PM. An apology, sent to the show and asking that it be read on air, would be in order. Rewriting Canadian history is not acceptable.

    1. Dear Fed-Up, the first thing politicians do when they make a mistake is run for cover. The apology you are asking for will draw more media coverage than the initial show.

      For these types of interviews, notably national TV, light on news, dicussions are held in advance on what topics the guest would like to talk about. PM Trudeau was not caught by surprise by the topic. He was just poorly prepared for the topic of his own choosing. His backroom team didn’t do their homework. The PM either didn’t review, in advance of the show, the talking points that his handlers gave him, or he isn’t well grounded in recent Canadian political history, or both. None of the above are flattering for the PM, and an apology to Kim Campbell, while certainly merited, will only highlight the matter to a much larger audience. In short, the PMO’s preference is to sweep this mistake under the rug.


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