Watson Already Has Council But He Wants More


It’s self-evident now the Mayor Jim Watson is not only unsatisfied with being a two-term mayor, he wants to control Ottawa City Council with an iron grip.

David Gourlay, the mayor’s best friend and winner of The Mayor’s Order of Ottawa, is running in Kanata North. No doubt Gourlay will bring the expertise acquired in garnering a paltry 1,971 people a game to the demi-beer league Ottawa Champions 2017 regular-season extravaganza to Kanata. Expect light-rail by 2075 in Kanata.

Ryan Kennery, the mayor’s former flak, is taking on the formidable College ward incumbent Rick Chiarelli. Little grasshopper Kennery has learned at the knee of the master.

The only way Kennery can win is if Chiarelli takes on Kennery’s old boss which with any kind of luck the councillor will do. The Chiarelli name is very respected in this town, particularly that of Bob, the last real mayor of Ottawa.

So who are the members of the Watson one-party-rule party?

There are the aforementioned Gourlay and Kennery, Bob Monette, Jan Harder, Eli El-Chantiry, Shad Qadri, Mark Taylor, Keith Egli, Tim Tierney, Mathieu Fleury, David Chernushenko, Jean Cloutier, Stephen Blais, George Darouze, Scott Moffatt, Michael Qaqish, and the inimitable Allan Hubley.

Remember that a vote for any of the above is a vote for Mayor Jim Watson. You would think that 15 blind supporters of the mayor on the current 24-person council would be enough for His Worship. Apparently not.

Expect councillors Jeff Leiper, Tobi Nussbaum, Catherine McKenney and Diane Deans to be targeted soon.


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3 thoughts on “Watson Already Has Council But He Wants More

  1. Hasn’t Mark Taylor already said he’s not running again? He was one of those who committed to only serve two terms.


  2. Ottawa is becoming reminiscent of a B-grade movie.

    “This here’s Big Jim’s town and if you have a problem with that you can answer to my ponders”.


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