Watson And The Bulldog: Love, Exciting And New



Many thanks to former Ottawa Sun columnist Sue Sherring for mentioning The Bulldog in her recent blog post that unfriends Mayor Jim Watson.

We could certainly ask popular blogger Ken Gray what it’s like to be on the outside of your circle, couldn’t we? Under you, the city even tried to deny him access to routine emails the city sends out. How paranoid of you!

Actually we see that as a compliment. His Worship is just telling us The Bulldog matters. He cares. It’s touching really. It’s like an episode of the Love Boat.

But Sue you’ve missed so much. Watson also blacklisted The Bulldog from his Twitter account (which for his own good he should stop because his fake Twitter followers are outraged) and has blacklisted this news site from city advertising despite it having the obvious demographic for distributing city news and information.

And gee whiz Sue, The Bulldog is a news site, not a blog. Do blogs have more than 30 special features from travel to cars in their information package? Well no, they don’t.

But anyway thanks for the shout out. Watson has done his worst over the six years he has been attacking The Bulldog and we’re still here with a readership that a lot of media sources would envy.

Do your worst, Your Worship. We’ve been taking it for a term-and-a-half from you. You must know we can take it.

A smart politician (in fact a smart anybody) would have The Bulldog on his or her side. A smart politician would have realized early on that this wasn’t about to be some Mickey Mouse blog.

We’ve put up with your dirty tricks, bad mouthing and blacklists for six years and came back smiling. And many thanks. You are The Bulldog’s most loyal reader. We’re blushing with humility.

Try your best to stick a bar in our spokes, but we will still be here on Oct. 22, election day. The real question is, will you still be mayor then? You’ve alienated so many influential people over the past eight years you can’t get an appointment.

How many of we mere mortals have you crossed?


The relationship between Mayor Jim Watson and The Bulldog is just like an episode of The Love Boat. Climb aboard.


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3 thoughts on “Watson And The Bulldog: Love, Exciting And New

  1. I vote for Abe Vigoda (who was on one episode). The only question is does the Bulldog have the knees to carry off the shorts?


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