Watson Backs Corporate, Union Campaign Gifts


WHOPPERWATCHMayor Jim Watson took the high road on the corporate and union donation issue? Sure.

At planning committee for example, a number of members will have taken campaign donations from the very companies whose developments they will be voting on.

Can’t possibly be a conflict of interest, right Your Worship? In fact Watson says he can’t be influenced by a $750 donation. But everyone knows it doesn’t work that way. There’s the corporate donation, the executive’s donation, the employee donation and the owner’s aunt in Topeka, Kansas donation …

No wonder zoning is a suggestion in this town.

And oh yes, The Whopper.

This through Watson’s spokesman: Watson “supports the provincial law that allows local businesses to contribute to the democratic process.”

Democracy? Right.

And you wonder why The Bulldog has a bee in its beagle about Jim Watson.

Why the man can call corporate donations “democratic” when they’re not and make it sound like he’s on the barricades for rep-by-pop. Wait a second … do corporations vote Your Worship? And should a company president get a chance to donate $750 and his non-voting corporation donates $750, too? Sounds like two monetary votes to your agent.

And who benefits from this double-donation dipping? Why His Worship who accepts corporate donations. What a surprise. It’s always all about Jim.

You see The Bulldog doesn’t especially like hypocrisy or twisting that what isn’t is. And that’s what Watson does … masterfully. There’s not a better smooth-talker in town than Watson.

A real mayor would get up and say loudly that double-campaign dipping is wrong, anti-democratic and creates an horribly obvious conflict of interest at planning committee and council.

But instead he supports this abhorrent practice and waves the banner of democracy as his justification. You really can put lipstick on a pig.

And that’s one of the reasons Jim Watson is such a shallow, small mayor … determined to get elected no matter the consequences.

And all this is masked by kissing grandmothers at bake sales and handing out a plaque to anybody who will take it. Still waiting for mine, Your Worship. You know the plot line … lowly humble journalist creates online news site bringing light to Ottawa municipal affairs. Why a struggling new business, Mr. Watson … and we know how you support entrepreneurialism (in The Bulldog’s case by blacklisting it because it has the anti-democratic tendency not to support him). Come on Your Worship … that’s worth a plaque.

Oops. Sorry, missed him. Off to another event.

How can voters and great swaths of some media be so naive?

And oh yes, Your Worship. If you’d like to justify your position after this little lecture, The Bulldog would be happy to publish your note. Freedom of speech, you know.

We’ll be waiting by the mail box. No blacklisting here.

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News Addict? Political Junkie? Political Flunkie? If you’re one of those or just like to be informed, check out Bulldog Canadian by clicking on the logo above.

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