Watson Debate: The Chatta In Kanata


You’re too cheap to buy high-test fuel for your high-performance car and what do you hear?

Knocking. Good old-fashioned engine knock … repeatedly, quickly.


The sound of Jim Watson’s knees.


Would you like an explanation of how that sounds? Sure.

You can hear it all over town right now. It’s the sound of Mayor Jim Watson’s knees knocking.

And that’s because His Worship is nervous. The Bulldog’s most avid reader (he says he doesn’t read the puppy but he knows everything in it) doesn’t know what to do.

You see your agent challenged His Worship to a debate. Why we could debate the new Ottawa Senators arena on LeBreton Flats that Watson is trying to sabotage. Or we could debate anything else, anytime, anywhere. You just say where Your Worship and I’ll be there.

Stop hiding behind your blacklist or your advertising ban in The Bulldog. Try on your agent like a man. We could call it The Chatta In Kanata (with apologies to the great Muhammad Ali’s The Thrilla In Manilla) .

Oh I know such a debate is unlikely. Watson is reluctant to debate because he’s not very good at it. He’s as quick on his feet as Sonny Liston. Furthermore, how can you keep all those lies straight? Watson is easy pickings.

But come on, Your Worship. Give your knees a break.



Mayor Jim Watson is as quick on his debating feet as Sonny Liston was in the boxing ring.


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3 thoughts on “Watson Debate: The Chatta In Kanata

  1. Them thar is fightin’ words, a slap with the gentleman’s glove, a challenge. Wonder if the challenge will be accepted.
    The mayor should remember that a debate on The Bulldog pages will invite readers to pop in too.
    These readers might be voters.
    Come on there Mr. Watson, you might have a chance to pick up some votes if you do a good job in the debate.


  2. I think an announcement of a “live” debate is in order. I’ll certainly be in attendance. If your attempts to contact Watson are being blocked send him an email (unless this is how he’s stopping you). He might not read it but one of his staff will. If your email is blocked I’ll be happy to forward one along. I don’t think he’s blocked me yet.
    Ken, you have good technical skills. Getting a message into Mr Watson’s hands should be a pretty simple problem to solve. Worst case, drop by Laurier Avenue and deliver it by hand.


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