Watson Goes Wild Over Doug Ford: Patton


Mayor Jim Watson has been incredibly excited lately.

He met Doug Ford.

Golly. And the mayor just went bonkers with joy and advice for the Tory leader. He hasn’t been this happy since Lizardpalooza last summer.

Our man who knows these things, Mike Patton, tells you why:


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2 thoughts on “Watson Goes Wild Over Doug Ford: Patton

  1. I enjoy your articles Mike and this this one contains a beautiful little gem of wisdom. “No one wants unsolicited advice”, which is probably the primary reason I’m not the most popular guy on my block.


  2. Unsolicited advice is the best such as Mike Patton, Ken Gray and Stephen Colbert. All provide advice that politicians should listen to.

    Has anyone been watching Our Cartoon President – now that is, indeed, unsolicited advice of the highest order.

    Keep it up guys and be glad we have the freedom to offer said advice.

    Now, Watson is offering advice to Doug Ford – that’s a horse of a different colour.



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