Watson Handles Pitre Situation Well: Stuff



Credit where credit is due. Mayor Jim Watson wants to honour the late Jonathan Pitre who lost his life recently. Watson has a history of rather sticking his foot in it when he approaches delicate issues. He talked more about himself when dealing with the relatives of victims of the 2013 OC Transpo bus crash and was remarkably slow responding to the Abdi death. But in the Pitre situation he said that the young man’s mother has asked for privacy and he will honour that before approaching her about a commemoration. Good for him. He’s learning after seven years … A rather disappointing response from Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney on the Laurier Avenue bike lanesRideau-Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt suggested the Laurier Avenue lanes be moved to Albert and Slater. Not a bad idea. But McKenney responded: “We don’t remove bike lanes. We need to add to the capacity.” Hmm, even when they are dangerous? McKenney in this is letting her ideology get in the way of her better judgment. She can do better … Not much is fun about the Donald Trump presidency but you gotta love the name of the character in the chief’s latest sex scandal, Stormy Daniels. A headline writer’s dream. She could be a Bond girl. Let’s see, Plenty O’Toole, Merry Goodnight, May Day and Stormy Daniels. Hilarious (How the world has changed. Your agent, not 007, couldn’t bring himself to use some of the names of Bond girls from the early films. Too explicit in the era of #meetoo. Have I become a prude?) … On the subject of fictional characters (except Stormy), one wonders how the very busy Sam “Mayday” Malone from the classic comedy Cheers would have been received by the #meetoo crowd had the sitcom debuted today …


How would Cheers’ Sam “Mayday” Malone be received by the #meetoo movement?


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One thought on “Watson Handles Pitre Situation Well: Stuff

  1. Nice to see that Scott Moffatt has some intelligence when it comes to bike lanes. It’s only a matter of time before a couple of bicycles moving at speed have a head on collision in the cramped spaces the city has constructed. My personal favourite is the 2-way lane on O’Connor Street. During evening rush hour most in-city automobile traffic heading south uses O’Connor to move drivers towards the Queensway, Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Colonel By Drive, etc. This road has always been busy, still is, and is now much narrower. A serious accident will happen at some point. To reduce the probability of that occurring, bicycle lanes should be one-way moving south, and should have been built on the right-hand side of the street (too late now). To accommodate bicycles travelling northwards a similar (corrected) setup should be built on Metcalfe Street. What about the impact? Well there would be some additional cost to construct the lanes on Metcalfe, but the city can easily cut back on the cost of the lanes they’re building now. There would also be a reduction in the number of parking spaces on the road but this can’t be avoided if bicycle lanes are going to be instituted.


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