Watson Has Huge Conflict Of Interest On LeBreton: Reader


Bulldog contributor CeeLee adds an important point to the question of city negotiations on LeBreton Flats:

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group was very happy when the NHL announced that there will be an outdoor game played at their sports facility at Lansdowne/TD Place.

“The vision for this place always was to make it the top destination for sports and entertainment in Ottawa. That’s beginning to happen now,” said Bernie Ashe, CEO of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group on the day of the announcement.

The City of Ottawa is OSEG’s partner. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and the new arena will continue to be the competition to the OSEG partnership.

OSEG’s vision of having the “top destination for sports and entertainment” in Ottawa at Lansdowne is in danger of being replaced by a new “top destination” facility at LeBreton Flats owned by the competition.

How can OSEG’s partner the City of Ottawa be in on the negotiations about the sport’s facility of OSEG’s competitor?



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2 thoughts on “Watson Has Huge Conflict Of Interest On LeBreton: Reader

  1. How is the “waterfall” doing in funding and making money for Ottawa? Entertainment is part of the OSEG. How many big name entertainers have been to Landsdowne vs the Canadian Tire Center?

  2. It would be a very interesting negotiation if the Sens refuse to provide any proprietary information while the “competition” is in the room. This would be well within their rights to do and is standard practice in any business operation. How long would it be before the NCC would be showing Watson the door?


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