Watson Has No Competition: Facebook Friend


Facebook friend Michael Kostiuk speaks to the reality of a Watson re-election bid.




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6 thoughts on “Watson Has No Competition: Facebook Friend

  1. There’s still time for someone to mount a campaign. He’s right that nobody on council looks ready to take Watson on and the media seems to be asleep at the wheel.
    Watson could still make a mistake and/or someone outside the realm of politics could come forward as O’Brien did. There’s also the possibility of someone currently or previously elected at another level of government following in his and Chiarelli’s footsteps and seeking the mayor’s chair. All three of the amalgamated City’s mayors came from outside of the Council table – the next one could do the same.


  2. Watson’s announcement was a pre-emtive strike. It told prospective mayoralty candidates that he intends to stay, which makes it more difficult for quality candidates to line up support, not just financial commitments, but organizers.


    1. Ron:

      That’s how I saw it, too.

      Watson can also attend all the events around Ottawa 2017, which cost more than $28 million and includes $6 million of Ottawa taxpayer money, with the audience knowing that he will be running for re-election in 2018.




  3. How many white knights are there in Ottawa who are willing to place themselves at risk by campaigning against the mayor? Most who have a high profile are adverse since they put too much of their own present political capital in the line of fire. No developer or minion would take the chance since failure in the political arena would spell disaster in the development hub. By default Jim may well win again. Not through leadership, nor proper government but by default. Sad


  4. Someone credible should step forward because Watson has reached the best-before date.
    Voters often just want a change. Let’s hope it is in this election.


  5. Maybe we need to start a go-fund-me campaign to build a hefty retirement fund for Jim to put him out to pasture. Make him an offer he can’t refuse. He would still retain his various pension plans from the city, region, province and the feds. It’s a win/win/win.


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